8 Books to Help you Become a Better Product Marketer

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

— Stephen King

Coming from humble roots, books have been my stepping stones to greater things. From the free programs at the library, to paycheques as a teenage bookstore clerk, to finding inspiration and lessons through literary characters, books and the community around them have been an accessible magic that’s helped me transform my life and career.

Book 1— For when you’re trying determine what types of customers will get onboard with your product, and why

Book 2— For when you’re trying to determine if people will trust your new product

Book 3 — For ensuring that you and your Product Designers and Product Managers are speaking the same language

Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things

Book 4 — For when you’re wondering “is there something about the product experience we’re missing?”

Book 5 — For when you’re trying to craft truly inspirational product messaging

Book 6 — For when you’re determining how to get customers to change existing behaviours

Book 7 — For when you’re considering issues you may have around localization

Book 8 — For when you’re determining how to effectively measure a product launch’s success

Product Marketer, avid reader, fitness enthusiast. @LizCouto | lizcouto.com

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